• The Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum, only 5,5 km from the hotel, is located in the town of Kalambaka. Two equally interesting museums housed in one building that hosts two permanent collections: one about animals, which contains approximately 350 species of mammals and birds, and the other about mushrooms, containing approximately 250 species of mushrooms.
  • The Geological Formation Museum of Meteora features general icons of the Meteora with visual and hearing equipment. This includes a 15-minute video describing the general creation of the Meteora and the surrounding mountain of Koziakas, a general study on geology and its different uses throughout Greece and a detailed analysis of the creation of the Holy Meteora (8,5 km away).
  • The Hellenic Culture Museum houses the private collection of Mr. Pavlos Balogiannis dedicated to the history of Greek education and learning, aspiring to serve its educational and cultural orientation (6 km away).