Nearby places that are worth visiting

  • Trikala (18 km)
  • Koziakas villages (20 km) and Mount Koziakas (40 km away) where you can visit the picturesque villages with their beautiful churches and running waters.
  • See the small hilltop village Pyli or Porta, with its singular Byzantine church of Porta Panaghia and its arch-shaped stone bridge (32 km).
  • Pertouli, a small mountain village also famous for the nearby ski resort (68 km).
  • Visit Métsovo, the small town is built on two sides of a ravine of the Píndos mountain. It offers a unique scenery with its local architecture houses and has a rich history. The winter season is ideal for winter sports, and the area is generally renowned for its folk tradition, architecture and cheese-making (80 km).
  • Aspropótamos villages: The district of Aspropótamos is enriched with forests and widespread meadows, through which flow rivers with banks of exceptional vegetation (60 km).