Beaches and adventure activities

  • Arvanitia beach (4 km away)
  • Karathonas beach (8 km away)
  • The seaside village of Tolo with a wonderful beach where you can also rent a boat (14 km away)
  • Kastraki beach (12 km away)
  • Participate in outdoor guided tours of sea kayaking and explore the coastline of several places nearby.
  • Join ‘Sailing Nafplio’ on a sailing trip that cruises the Argolic Gulf, enjoy natural beauty and various water activities such as paddle-boarding, fishing, snorkelling and sailing!
  • PanExpeditions offers a variety of outdoor activities in the sea, mountains and forests. Explore the magnificent coastline of Argolida, combined with cultural places such as Medieval castles and ancient sites.
  • Various fun outdoor and indoor activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, yoga, river trekking and more are offered by the company INDIOU located in Nafplio (3,8 km away).
  • Join Grecopaths in several fun activities in personalised tours that will make your vacation unique and memorable! (4 km away)