Historical museums, archaeological sites and castles

  • The fortress of Palamidi (7 km away), one of the top choices to visit while in Nafplio, has 999 steps and is nestled 216 meters high with a breath-taking view of the town and the sea. Its renowned Venetian architecture and historical importance during the Greek War of Independence are of special interest. On its fringes, lies the rocky peninsula of
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum in the center of the town featuring exhibits from the Bronze Age or Early Helladic period that were discovered in local digs. Considered one of the most well-preserved Venetian buildings in Greece, its exhibition features Neolithic pot-made jugs and vases, clay figurines, stone and bone utensils, shells and bones of various fish and animals as well as jewellery made out of them (4 km away).
  • The Church of Saint Spyridon, built with a single dome, is a major historical site as its entrance constitutes the murder site of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governor of the modern Greek State (4 km away).
  • Visit the castle of Bourtzi, a Venetian structure situated in the middle of Nafplio harbor. It is a well-known and much photographed water castle, built on the small island of St. Theodoroi. You can also admire its view while walking along the promenade or sitting in the seaside restaurants and cafés (4.3 km away).
  • See the well-preserved ruins of the archaeological site of Tiryntha, discovered by German archaeological Heinrich Schliemann. It is a place of special interest with Cyclopean walls built around the the 14th and 13th century B.C., an undeniably impressive fortress over three thousand years old and the Mycenaean vaulted tomb close by (2 km away).
  • Visit the War Museum of Nafplio where the first Cadet school and later on the first Department of Defense were in operation. The museum displays are relevant to the history of the school and the wars that Greece had participated. Such wars include the Greek War of Independence and World War II (4,2 km away).
  • Explore Acronafplia Fortress, one of the oldest parts of the city (5 km away).