Nearby destinations that are worth visiting

  • Discover Mycenae, one of the major centres of Greek civilization and see the famous Lion Gate and the Tomb of Agamemnon. The archaeological remains discovered by Heinrich Schliemann led to the belief that there was factual basis to Homer’s epics (22 km away).
  • Visit Epidaurus with its renowned ancient theatre with a seating capacity of 13,000 people and built around 330-320 B.C. Its extraordinary acoustics have contributed to holding the annual Athens Festival productions of Classical drama (38 km away).
  • Argos, the oldest inhabited town in Greece along with the castle of Larisa at the top of the hill are definitely worth seeing. Furthermore, the ancient theatre with a capacity of 20,000 viewers and the archaeological museum which features findings dated from the prehistoric period until Roman times (11 km away).
  • Visit the nearby village of Myloi and see the ruins of ancient Lerna, famous for the battle between Hercules and The Lernean Hydra (12 km away).