Welcome to the place where history meets traditional hospitality!

Amalia Hotels is one of the oldest hotel chains in Greece. Founded in 1958, the company’s goal was to combine the best destinations that Greece has to offer. An amazing combination of history, culture, and beautiful scenery along with an exceptional line of services and facilities. Almost half a century since the opening of the first hotel, Amalia Hotels have enjoyed a continuous growth and have become one of the primary choices of discerned travelers!


Discover the historical and cultural hotspots of Greece!

As location plays a primary role when choosing a hotel, the Amalia Hotels are situated in premium locations in Athens, Nafplion, Kalambaka, Delphi, Olympia and Margarona (near Preveza). The hotels offer luxurious and top-of-the-line services next to the best historical and cultural locations in Greece. Whether you are staying in the busy streets of Greece’s capital or nestled in the green landscapes of the countryside you will experience top quality hospitality and Greek culture combined!

& Events

All the necessary room and equipment at your disposal.

All Amalia Hotels offer fully equipped rooms for meetings and conferences as well as outdoor spaces for social events. Pool and garden areas in the hotels located in the countryside and the Roof Garden in Amalia Athens with its stunning city views, create a lovely and ideal atmosphere for various social affairs!


Travel, relax, and embrace the Amalia experience!

At Amalia Hotels, our goal is to give you the best experience of Greek hospitality whilst also sharing several exciting topics that might be of interest! Follow this fun blog to learn all about local attractions and upcoming events, Greek traditions and customs, the history of the hotels and company’s values, and so much more! Since all six locations of the Amalia Hotels are rich in ancient history and mythology, you can also read about local myths and major historical events that took place there. Join the Amalia experience!